Mr. Holmes har haft engelsk premiär

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Den 19 juni hade filmen Mr. Holmes engelsk premiär. Ian McKellen spelar en 93-årig Sherlock Holmes som bland annat ser tillbaka på ett fall som han hade i slutet av sin aktiva karriär, innan han blev biodlare i Sussex.

Filmen, som bygger på romanen A Slight Trick of the Mind av Mitch Cullin, har överlag fått ett mycket fint bemötande. Gissningsvis kommer inte filmen gå upp på svenska biografer, men vi ser fram emot dvd-släppet.

Här är vad några av recensenterna tyckte:

”There’s nothing about the film that Conan Doyle fans, McKellen fans, Linney fans, and anyone partial to a lilting Carter Burwell score won’t relish. TV Sherlock fans – not necessarily the same constituency – may miss its jumped-up speed and ingenuity. This is Holmes intentionally slowed down to a hobbling, reflective, end-of-life pace: dare we call it refreshing? It’s a film to rummage around in, picking up old clues, considering their meaning, and turning them in your palm.” (The Telegraph)

”There’s a hint of Gandalf’s melancholic magic in McKellen’s portrayal of a curmudgeon who been there and back again, but it’s in the contrast between the film’s gently juggled time periods that the sparks really fly. … Like its eponymous hero, the film drifts in and out of focus as it sifts through its deck of memories, a touch broad here, a little undercooked there, sometimes satirical, more often whimsical. Yet Jeffrey Hatcher’s script neatly ties together the interplay between myth and memory – both unreliable and malleable – while McKellen nurtures his character’s changing nature with affection and grace.” (The Guardian)

”Fans of Sherlock Holmes are likely to be wrong-footed by Bill Condon’s new feature. This is a subtle and very moving film with an exceptional performance from its lead actor but one that bears little resemblance to the many other big- and small-screen yarns, even the more outlandish ones, featuring Baker Street’s most famous resident. … However, director Condon, best known for The Twilight Saga but who also worked with McKellen on Gods and Monsters, brings immense grace and humour to a film that benefits from its low-key but forensic approach.” (The Independent)

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  1. ancha skriver:

    Borde verkligen visas på svenska biografer! Bara att det är Ian McKellen i huvudrollen borgar för att den kommer att gå bra, den appellerar till alla åldrar… Hur tänker SF???

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